The 2022 Most Powerful Women In Fintech Award Winners Are

Here are the Top 35 women that are reshaping Financial Services FinTech today.

May 6, 2022
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Originally published in PROGRESS in Lending. In today'ss hyper-connected world, organizations must constantly evolve to offer quick, convenient, and reliable service. The financial services industry is no exception. The rise of Innovative FinTech is a perfect example of how this new reality is reshaping the way we think. And women are playing a pivotal role. These women are not just influencers, they are leading the way. As such for the fourth year, PROGRESS in Lending is honoring The Most Powerful Women in FinTech today. Here are the Top 35 women that are reshaping Financial Services FinTech today:


Chief Technology Officer, LenderClose

Martina Schubert is the CTO at LenderClose, a portfolio real estate and home equity lending technology platform. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, LenderClose'ss feature-rich, multi-solution technology focuses on providing lenders with best-in-class user experience. Schubert brings extensive knowledge of technology development to her role, where she leads research and data collection and is active in providing strategic counsel to the leadership team. Schubert manages both product and technology teams and ensures that the solutions align with LenderClose‚ mission of transforming and accelerating the lending process with the use of workflows and automation solutions for credit unions and community banks. She builds product teams that are empowered to innovate, fix problems and understand the value their team can provide. The departments thrive because of her leadership and dedication to fostering a collaborative culture that promotes innovation and excellence. In the last 12 months, Schubert has hired approximately 20 people in product and tech despite a challenging recruiting landscape. During that same time, Schubert launched an immersive incubator within LenderClose, where participants specializing in information technology could receive hands-on experience in all aspects of technology that the fintech provider uses daily. Because of this engaging training initiative on the LenderClose technology stack, five recent college graduates received one-on-one mentorship while working with state-of-the-art technology in Iowa, which some professionals call the Silicon Prairie. She has more than 25 years of experience in technology and previously served as CTO at DLL, a Netherlands-based vendor finance company. Schubert also had various positions including vice president and CIO, manager of business intelligence and assistant vice president of information technology at companies including Maytag International, Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance and Walgreens. Schubert received a bachelor‚  degree from Iowa State University in business administration and management, and an MBA from the Tippie School of Management at the University of Iowa. Before this, Schubert earned an associate degree from Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), where she now helps design the IT curriculum and serves on the board of directors. Her technology career was a result of her natural interest in the field, which she discovered during a high school computer programming class and later honed as a systems developer. In 2021, Schubert predicted organizations that were once cautious to embrace technology would be more open to the benefits that automation could bring to their business. This mindset came from the need to be flexible and overcome obstacles created by the transition to a remote work environment. She believes that this will still ring true in the next year‚ The financial services industry is hungry for fewer partners, and for those selected partners, they want allies who can make a difference in multiple areas of need. Since the pandemic started, companies are more open to innovations and how advances in technology can help fix the problems they have,said Schubert. Read more about the other award winners for the Most Powerful Women in Fintech.

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