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By harnessing Coviance’s intelligent automation, lenders boost productivity, increase loan volume, and elevate experiences across the entire lending process. Use our drag-and-drop workflows to automate processes. Keep borrowers in the loop with our automated communications. All with one sign-on and one invoice.

Clear-to-close in days, not weeks. Intelligent automation turns into lending speed, efficiency, and scale. An independent survey conducted across 110 Coviance customers by MarketWise Advisors LLC revealed strong ROI statistics:*

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*Results based on the 2022 independent research study by MarketWise Advisors, LLC and Coviance data and analytics.  Coviance and MarketWise Advisors, LLC disclaim any liability and provide no warranty or representations as to performance or accuracy of the data. Clear-to-close in days, not weeks” assumes utilization of automated data and insight solutions (example: Automated Valuation Model (AVM)), including other instant providers already integrated into Coviance and timely borrower submission of underwriting stipulations set-forward by the lender. Timeline excludes traditional valuation, title or any solutions which require manual intervention.

Automate your lending

Proactively turn real-time data into intelligent loan production, processing, underwriting, and communications. Backed by our proprietary Collateral Decision Engine™, Coviance turns manual processes into automated loan origination experiences.

Borrower Experience

Give borrowers a standout experience. Combine intelligent communications with data and document exchange to quickly make confident lending decisions.

Validate Borrower Data
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Lender Experience

Instantly automate and validate loan data. Our adaptive workflows intelligently align to your unique lending policies so you make the right decision—faster.

Automate Underwriting Decisions
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Compliance & Operations Experience

Navigate complex regulatory environments with ease. Streamline change management, training, audit support, and business process management—all in one spot.

Navigate Operational Logistics
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Speed, efficiency, and scale for home equity loans and HELOCs

Scale your home equity volume while delivering better customer experiences with Home Equity Express™. Built for faster, friction-free lending, our solution’s drag-and-drop technology turns painstaking manual processes into a single click.

We love our customers like you love yours

Don’t take it from us. Hear from our customers about the power of Coviance.

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“On average, our home equity lifecycle is 11 days, with the shortest time to close being just 4 days. Which is remarkable.”

Karis Harlan

Residential Lending Operations Manager

DuPage Credit Union

George Sellitto profile photo

“As Coviance continues to push the envelope and streamline their process, it makes us that much more efficient.”

George Sellitto

Chief Lending Officer

WyHy Federal Credit Union

Jessica Micheri profile photo

“Utilizing Coviance we went from $62 million in loan growth to $268 million in one year.”

Jessica Micheri

AVP of Lending

Farmers Insurance Federal Credit Union

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can home equity loans be refinanced?

Yes, home equity loans can be refinanced under certain circumstances. This can be beneficial if you want to secure a lower interest rate, access a larger loan amount, or consolidate debt. However, refinancing typically involves closing costs such as loan origination fees, appraisal fees, and title search insurance fees.

What are home equity loans?

Home equity loans are a type of loan secured by a borrower's home. The borrower receives a lump sum of cash based on the appraised value of their home minus their existing mortgage balance (equity). They repay the loan with interest over a fixed term.

What are the benefits of using a cloud-based automation platform like Coviance for home equity lending?

Coviance's cloud-based platform offers several benefits over traditional, on-premise solutions:

  • Scalability: Coviance easily scales to meet your growing loan volume without additional hardware investment.
  • Accessibility: Authorized users can access the platform securely from any internet-connected device, improving flexibility and remote work capabilities.
  • Reduced IT Costs: Our cloud-based deployment model eliminates the need for expensive hardware and software maintenance, minimizing IT burden.
  • Automatic Updates: Coviance handles software updates automatically, ensuring you always have access to the latest features and security patches.
  • Enhanced Security: We offer robust security measures to protect sensitive borrower and loan data.

By leveraging cloud technology, Coviance offers a cost-effective, scalable solution for automating your home equity lending process.

Why should a borrower consider home equity loans for debt consolidation?

Home equity loans typically offer lower interest rates than credit cards or other unsecured loans, saving borrowers a significant amount of money on interest charges over the life of the pre-consolidated loans. Additionally, consolidating debt into a single monthly payment can simplify budgeting and make it easier to stay on track with repayments.

What are the benefits of offering home equity loans?

Home equity loans offer a valuable service to your customers, allowing them to access funds for important expenses like home renovations, education, or debt consolidation. By offering home equity loans, your organization can deepen relationships with existing customers, attract new customers, and generate additional non-interest income.