Aligning Borrowers & Lenders

Transform your home equity lending processes into a fast, flexible, and
intelligent experience. Home Equity ExpressTM delivers standout experiences
for both the lender and borrower through flexible workflows, dynamic communications, and automated decisions.

Borrower Experience

From real-time borrower updates to dynamic
communications, Home Equity Express makes
lenders fast, flexible, and modern—without ever
losing the human touch.

Point of Sale

Borrowers apply for a loan online and instantly see tailored loan options, and lenders easily see their strongest candidates automatically.

Instant Property Condition

Borrowers submit photos of their home to quickly validate
the property's condition before loan approval.

Real-Time Insights

Allows members a single source to check loan status,
communicate via text and email, and upload documents.

woman texting on her mobile phone

Lender Experience

Fuel operational efficiency and get a simplified lending
experience with intelligent automation. Guarantee your
workflows are aligned to your unique policies and procedures.

Smarter Workflows

No code, drag-and-drop home equity workflows at the push of a button—mirroring your policies and products.

Process Transformation Experts

Powered by a proprietary collateral decisioning engine
to lend intelligently.

A laptop screen displaying apps and data processing

Compliance & Operations Experience

Simplify the way you manage lending operations and dynamic regulatory environments. Increase compliance controls, navigate
the environment, and streamline change management.

Centralize Lending Processes

See both the overall workflow and specific loan audit trails with
pre-built and flexible workflows mapped to your unique policies.

Unified Billing & Operations

One login. One single sign-on. All your vendors and billing
via Coviance Connectors.

HMDA Reporting

Automatically see current HMDA requirements and validate
at the loan level, saving you hours, days, or weeks to collect
and submit data.

Computer screen showing the Coviance platform and dashboard

Powerful LOS Integrations

Accelerate and scale your home equity lending with Coviance’s pre-built, no-code integrations. These plug-and-play connectors seamlessly communicate with the LOS to enable quicker, consistent, and secure data and order fulfillment.

From Onboarding to Ongoing

Customized onboarding to your unique lending processes. And hands-on support during and after implementation. That’s the Coviance client support promise.

Computer screen showing a streamlined process


First, we have a kick-off
call all to learn about your
lending policies and procedures.

Computer screen showing charts and processing and automation

Rapid Setup

No implementations that take months. Get up and running with our pre-built templates within days.

a man viewing a process for loan applications

Client Support

Partner with a relationship
manager to optimize
your lending process
throughout the journey.

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Home Equity Express

"Coviance has transformed our lending operations for the better. As a lender in a highly competitive industry, increasing efficiency and loan volume is crucial to our success, and Coviance's platform and success team have partnered alongside to achieve these goals."
Teri Rumley
VP, Loan Administration Manager
"The personalized workflow handled our process so well and made working through the large loan volume so much faster. We have already been able to further tailor our workflow. We feel confident this is a platform that can grow with us."
Sue Welsh
Senior Vice President of Residential Lending and Organizational Sales
"With a click of a button, the system orders the necessary items for a home equity staff. The ease of use has led to increased production and stronger member service."
Todd Peeples
Senior Vice President of Sales and Lending
"Borrowers are looking for a fast, seamless experience that starts with a quick approval -- That is precisely what Coviance is helping credit unions offer."
Linda Andry
President & CEO
"Production has increased dramatically. Everything we need is on a single platform, giving our staff the technology required to provide our members the services they deserve."
Billy G. Hernandez
Chief Lending Officer

Automate Home Equity Lending

Get in touch with us to see a tailored demo, personalized to your institution and your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the key benefits of Coviance's Home Equity Express for financial institutions?

Coviance's Home Equity Express offers significant advantages for both lenders and their borrowers:

  • For Lenders:
    • Faster Loan Processing: Streamlined workflows and data automation significantly reduce loan processing times, allowing your organization to originate loans faster and serve more customers efficiently.
    • Reduced Costs: Automating manual tasks minimizes operational expenses and frees up staff time, leading to a better return on investment.
    • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: A quicker and more streamlined loan process improves the customer experience and fosters loyalty.
  • For Borrowers:
    • Faster Access to Funds: Home Equity Express allows customers to get the money they need quicker through faster application processing and closing times.
    • Simplified Experience: A user-friendly online application process and clear communication throughout the loan journey reduce stress for customers.
    • Competitive Rates and Terms: Coviance's platform helps financial institutions offer competitive rates and flexible loan terms to attract customers.