Adaptive Workflow Automation

Handle more loans—easier. Coviance’s Adaptive Workflow Automation
proactively turns real-time data into smart loan workflows, from application to close.

Inject Speed and Transparency into Lending

Streamline Processes

Automate your work every step of the way. No cumbersome processes necessary.

Boost Productivity

Automation lets you make faster decisions. Cut origination costs. Accelerate closing. All at scale.

Elevate the Experience

Workflow automation doesn’t just make your life better. Keep borrowers engaged, informed, and happy.

Instant FinTech Power

Powered by a proprietary Collateral Decisioning Engine™, Coviance’s intelligent automation and communication workflows are based on application data, property data, and loan purpose. All aligned to your unique policies.


No code, drag-and-drop
home equity workflows—at
the push of a button.

Pre-built Workflows

Instantly take advantage of
pre-built workflows, or adapt
them for your own needs.

Product Ordering

Order the right products at the right time, adhering to your policies without exception.

Instant Property Condition

Borrowers submit photos of
their home to quickly validate
the condition of the property
before loan approval.

Collateral Validation

Coviance Connectors flow
data and documents back
to your LOS, saving time
and creating efficiency.

Borrower Communication

Send real-time communications
to members so they never
feel out of the loop.

profile picture of Richard Gosvener
“The platform brings everything you need to get a real estate transaction done from start to finish completely done. It’s all simplified and automated, including communicating to your borrower throughout the process.”
-Richard Gosvener
VP of Lending,
King’s Federal Credit Union

Simplify the Loan Experience

Adaptive Workflow Automation enables outstanding experiences for borrowers and lenders alike. Powered by our proprietary Collateral Decision Engine™, Coviance turns manual processes into automated loan origination experiences.

Computer screen showing a streamlined process

Borrower Experience

Invite and empower borrowers
with a standout experience.

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Computer screen showing charts and processing and automation

Lender Experience

Instantly validate loan data
and underwriting decisions.

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a man viewing a process for loan applications

Compliance & Operations

Navigate and comply to complex
regulatory environments.

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Automate Your Lending Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Coviance's platform improve the return on investment (ROI) for home equity lenders?

Coviance's platform delivers a strong ROI for home equity lenders in several ways:

  • Increased Loan Volume: Faster processing times and streamlined workflows enable lenders to originate more loans and grow their business.
  • Reduced Operating Costs: Automation lowers administrative costs by eliminating manual tasks, reducing errors, and improving efficiency.
  • Improved Borrower Satisfaction: A smoother and faster loan process leads to higher borrower satisfaction and potentially increased loan referrals.
  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance: Automated data capture and validation minimize errors and simplify compliance with regulations like HMDA.

By optimizing operational efficiency and improving borrower experience, Coviance helps lenders achieve a significant return on investment.

What are the key tasks automated by Coviance's platform for home equity lending?

Coviance's platform automates a wide range of tasks in the home equity lending process:

  • Loan Application Processing: Coviance automates data collection, document verification, and initial eligibility checks.
  • Underwriting Automation: Coviance leverages data analysis and pre-defined rules to automate parts of the underwriting process.
  • Document Management: Our platform automates document routing, storage, and retrieval.
  • Borrower Communication: Automated communication tools keep borrowers informed throughout the loan process.
  • Closing Automation: Coviance automates task assignments, document generation, and e-signature capabilities.

By automating these tasks, Coviance empowers lenders to originate loans faster, reduce errors, and free up staff time to focus on building relationships with borrowers.