Impress your borrowers with a standout experience.

Instantly validate applicant and collateral data to make lending decisions in minutes with Coviance’s Collateral Decision Engine™. Keep borrowers informed and clear-to-close in days—not weeks*.

Borrower Experience


Lead-to-loan in days with Coviance’s intelligent automation. That means faster closing and more loan pull-throughs.


Lend at the speed of the borrower with fully integrated and automated messages, notifications, and tasks.


Eliminate manual work so you can stay focused on keeping your loan portfolio healthy.


Streamline loan applications & closing

An exceptional front office experience requires a better back
office process. Loan officers today spend too much time manually
chasing down documents and pushing applications through the process.
Coviance’s Point of Sale and Loan Progress Portal enable dynamic loan
applications, decisioning, and data-driven communications to shorten
the lending cycle.
Computer screen showing a streamlined process


Automate communications with borrowers

Borrowers are often left out of the loop as a loan progresses. Back-and-forth,
disjointed calls and emails overcomplicate the process. Work at the speed of
the borrower through a fully integrated borrower dashboard so your borrower
gets the right information or request at the right time—with a safe and secure
way to respond.
woman texting on her mobile phone


Keep the borrower experience consistent

From loan application to closing, loan officers manage a lot of details.
Loan origination, document and property verification, credit pulls, lender
communications, PCR, and other details can get complex. Coviance
simplifies the process and shortens the length of the loan cycle all in
one spot to put the power back in the hands of the loan officer.
Hand holding stacks of dollars

Unified borrower experience—from application to closing

Point of Sale

Empower borrowers to apply for a loan from your website and Coviance will present options you want them to see. Built for the borrower, and aligned to the lender.

Loan Progress Portal

Provide a configurable experience in which borrowers are assigned tasks automatically based on property data, communication triggers via email or SMS, and data flows back to the LOS.

Instant Property Condition

Enable borrowers to submit photos of their home to quickly validate the condition of the property before loan approval.

Automatic Document

Automate eSigning of disclosures and necessary documents—integrated seamlessly into the lending experience.

profile picture of Richard Gosvener
The platform brings everything you need to get a real estate transaction done from start to finish completely done. It’s all simplified and automated, including communicating to your borrower throughout the process.
-Richard Gosvener, VP of Lending,
King’s Federal Credit Union
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Return on Investment

5-10 day

loan process instead
of 60-90


loan growth


increase in closing percentage

Experience underwriting at its best— automated, adaptive, and fast.

Get in touch with us to see a tailored demo, personalized to your institution and your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are some features of Coviance's software that enhance the borrower experience for home equity loans?

Coviance's software offers a number of features that enhance the borrower experience for home equity loans:

  • Online application: Borrowers complete their application for a home equity loan online at their convenience.
  • Secure document upload: Borrowers securely upload required documents electronically.
  • Real-time status tracking: Borrowers track the progress of their application in real-time through a secure online portal.
  • E-signatures: Borrowers electronically sign loan documents.
  • Online communication: Borrowers easily communicate with loan officers through the online portal.
How can Coviance's software improve the borrower experience for home equity loans?

Coviance significantly improves the borrower experience for home equity loans in several ways. Our platform automates many manual tasks involved in the application process, such as document verification. Automation reduces the amount of time and paperwork required for borrowers. Coviance provides borrowers with a secure online portal to track the progress of their application and easily communicate with loan officers.

What are the benefits of a smooth borrower experience for home equity loans?

By streamlining the process and providing clear communication throughout, you can help borrowers feel more confident and comfortable moving forward with their loan application. This can lead to increased borrower satisfaction, higher application completion rates, and a positive reputation for your financial institution.