Navigate compliance and operations—all in one spot.

Coviance simplifies the way you manage lending operations and dynamic regulatory environments. Centralize compliance controls, mitigate risk, and optimize your lending process.

Compliance & Operations Experience


Lend with confidence knowing your team is aligned with your lending policy. Increase compliance controls through real-time reporting and file-level HMDA validation.


Adapt to ever-changing regulations and complex operations with ease. Map and optimize your lending process at a high-level, and audit trails down to a specific loan.


Streamline change management at the click of a button. Get access to loan-level audit trails and easily train and deploy change processes.


Standardize (and simplify) compliance

Regulations change all the time. Coviance’s loan-level HMDA compliance
automation solution is the only one that validates HMDA at the file level,
saving you hours—if not days or weeks—to collect and submit data.
And the platform automatically updates to reflect current HMDA requirements.
Computer screen showing the Coviance platform and dashboard


Navigate the lending process with ease

Collecting, analyzing, and validating property and borrower
information lengthens the loan cycle and negates your promise
of an exceptional experience. Coviance's Collateral Decision
EngineTM verifies data and property details, enabling you to go
beyond paper reports and automate real-time decisions.
a man viewing a process for loan applications


Unify vendor management

Who you do business with matters, and your risk management capabilities
are only as strong as your vendors’. Each of our industry-best vendors goes through a comprehensive, on-going due diligence process. At the same time,
our centralized lending policy mapping provides an audit trail and
functional route of your lending process.
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Simplified operations experience—from compliance to audit trail

Centralized Lending

Coviance creates consistency with automation—in one spot. Our pre-built and adaptive workflows map to your unique lending policies so you can see both the overall workflow and specific loan audit trails.

Unified Billing &
Operations Management

Enable operational efficiency from centralizing loan operations into a single platform with one user interface, one log-in (or single-sign on), and one invoice.

HMDA Compliance

Our proprietary software is the only
one on the market that validates at a loan-level and proactively adjusts to reflect any field changes or CFPB requirements, eliminating the need
to chase errors.

profile picture of Richard Gosvener
Coviance is accessible, friendly, easy to reach, and they’re quick to react to solving problems. “They’re very responsive to us, and it’s made it very easy for us to do what we do.
-Richard Gosvener, VP of Lending,
King’s Federal Credit Union
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Return on Investment

5-10 day

loan process instead
of 60-90

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loan growth

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increase in closing percentage

Simplify lending operations—so you can focus on what really matters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the operational benefits of using Coviance's platform for home equity lending?

Coviance's platform offers a number of operational benefits for home equity lending:

  • Reduce errors: By automating tasks and improving data validation, Coviance reduces the number of errors in loan applications, saving lenders time and money by reducing rework.
  • Improve efficiency: Coviance's platform streamlines the home equity lending process to close loans faster and increase loan origination volume and profitability.
  • Reduce costs: By automating tasks and improving efficiency, Coviance reduces the overall cost of originating home equity loans.
How does Coviance's platform simplify HMDA compliance for home equity lending?

Coviance’s HMDA Compliance Validation Tool actively incorporates the latest changes from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for HMDA submissions, automatically reflecting current requirements. Our solution is the only one that validates HMDA at the file level, saving hours, days, or weeks in data collection and submission. Coviance enables lenders to pinpoint errors and find gaps in reporting on a monthly or quarterly basis.