Maximize the power of your LOS

Coviance LOS Connectors

Coviance Connectors provide pre-built integrations with leading Loan Origination Systems (LOS) providers enabling seamless interaction and powerful efficiencies. This gives you 100% of the integration value on day one, without waiting for development teams or custom solutions.

Intelligent Automation Fuels Efficiency

Unlock no-code adaptive workflows and intelligent collateral decisioning with top integrated partners, all in one location.

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Simplified Lending Experience That Keeps Borrowers Informed

Scalable and transparent borrower experience with real-time, adaptive borrower communication, data, and document notifications within intelligent workflows.

Centralized Compliance Streamlines Change Management

Get access to loan-level audit trails with detailed workflow and decision documentation for consistent business intelligence. One source of truth. One system of record.

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Connector Partners

Accelerate and scale your home equity lending with Coviance’s pre-built, no-code integrations. These plug-and-play connectors seamlessly communicate with the LOS to enable quicker, consistent, and secure data and order fulfillment.

Pre-built integrations with MeridianLink Mortgage and MeridianLink Consumer enables seamless interaction and powerful efficiencies.
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The Coviance Encompass Connector is a pre-built, no-code integration, giving you 100% of the integration value on day one.
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Plug-and-play Sync1 Connector seamlessly communicates with the LOS to enable quicker, consistent, and secure data and order fulfillment.
Don't see your LOS? Our open API technology enables your team the flexibility to easily code to our proprietary platform.
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