A Consumer Lender’s Guide to FinTech Partnerships

What critical questions should you consider before embarking on a fintech partnership?

April 30, 2024
Table of contents

New fintechs are popping up every day. But how do you know which one can actually help you achieve your goals? And once you find one—how do you convince your Board of Directors to make the investment?

Drawing from our experience of working with 425+ customers, Connor Sorge (Subject Matter Expert, Sales) gives you an inside look into the critical questions to consider before embarking on a partnership with a FinTech company. From strategic alignment to ensuring internal buy-in within your organization, we cover a range of topics that are important for success. The goal of this webinar is to guide you through:

  • The difference between competitive and collaborative fintechs
  • A deep dive on the 3 key areas to the right partnership, including alignment, compliance, and support
  • Questions to be asking the fintech during your due diligence process

Watch the webinar on-demand now:

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