Coviance Connect 03: Small Credit Unions, Big Impact

Small credit unions are essential for local communities, and the right partnerships can make all the difference for your members.

April 8, 2024
Table of contents

In this episode, we sit down with Chad Miller, the CEO of Southwest Louisiana Credit Union and Founder of CU Evolve, to chat about how small credit unions like his are making big waves, teaming up with fintech companies, and staying innovative even when local crises hit. We dive into what makes credit unions tick, how they empower folks with their finances, and why they're the backbone of our communities.

Chad also opens up about his journey to becoming a CEO at a young age and how he's passing on his learning to the next generation of credit union leaders. We get real about the challenges even industry insiders face when dealing with things like getting a mortgage, and Chad shares his thoughts on how credit unions can make that process smoother for their customers. It's a candid conversation that sheds light on the inner workings of credit unions and the vision for a simpler, customer-friendly future.

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