Community Bank Action Planning For Liquidity Management Webinar

Keep your community bank ahead of the curve and keep lending to your members by implementing proactive action plans for liquidity management.

November 27, 2023
Table of contents

Stay ahead of the curve to ensure you can keep lending to your customers and meeting their financial needs by implementing proactive action plans. In this webinar moderated by Omar Jordan, you’ll hear experts from Darling Consulting Group, Frank Farone, Managing Director and Jeff Croteau, Senior Consultant, share best practice approaches to liquidity management.

The valuable insights will cover:

• A real-world liquidity management approach beyond traditional metrics and ratios
• Managing regulatory pressures and what to expect on your next examination
• Building the appropriate stress tests and remediation plans
• Critical elements of an effective Contingency Funding Plan
• Derivatives for lowering the cost of funds and hedging value at risk

Watch the webinar on-demand now:

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